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Cost Savings

Home owners can save more than 50% in heating costs by switching to wood pellets. Wood pellets are as easy to heat your house as any other fuel, just adjust the thermostat. Choose price stability with wood pellets to save money year after year.


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All calculations are based on cost per MegaJoule of energy,
adjusted for burning efficiencies.

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Lower Emissions 

Wood pellets produce 77% lower life-cycle carbon dioxide emissions than natural gas, and 86% less than burning coal.*

Reduced Waste

Gildale Farms sources wood biomass from byproduct processes to reduce waste streams while still creating quality wood pellet products.


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Incredible Warmth

You will discover that burning wood pellets results in dramatic, comforting heat throughout your home. The pellets burn very efficiently and safely with all exhaust venting outside your home.



Fully Compatible

Gildale Fuel Pellets are compatible with all major pellet furnaces, stoves, and boilers. Using our pellets is as easy as any other heating method. Just empty the ash tray (once a month) and set the temperature!



As Easy As It Gets

Gildale Farms delivers the pellets straight to your door, so there is no need to go and pick up pellets yourself. We will place the pellets wherever you like, and pick up the skid or tote bag when we return. 

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