From Pieces to Pellets


To create a great wood pellet product, we source high quality biomass from diverted wood streams and input the material through an intensive manufacturing process. Our facility produces approximately 5000 tons of wood pellets every year.

Click on the video below to see how we make the pellets! 



Wood biomass is sourced as a byproduct of timber production, and furniture manufacturing. The material is stored at our manufacturing facility and separated into each grade of wood. A loader is used to move the wood biomass into the manufacturing process.

The wood is sourced dry to reduce moisture throughout the manufacturing process and ensure that the finished pellets have consistent low moisture content.




Wood biomass is loaded into a bin to be fed into a grinder. A magnet pulls out any metal in low grade wood. The biomass then enters the grinder which reduces the wood into small fibres. The wood fibre is transported from the grinder to the pelleting process using a pneumatic takeaway system.



Pellet Mill

The wood fibre enters the pellet mill where it is extruded at high pressure through narrow holes in a thick metal die. 

The compression creates heat which softens the naturally occurring lignin in the wood. The lignin acts as a natural glue to give the pellets their final shape, no additives are needed in the process.



Cooling Tank

Pellets travel to a cooling tank where a fan pulls air through the pellets to remove heat generated by the extruding process. Dust is also removed in this stage using a large fan and recycled back into the manufacturing process to be made into pellets.

Storage Bins

The finished pellets are stored in two large storage bins, and ready to be transported by bulk to customers or bagged and packaged. 




Pellets are packaged in 40 lb bags or tote bags to be delivered on 1 ton skids.