Diverted Materials

Our premium hardwood pellets are made from sawdust produced from timber mills’ lumber production, creating a residual diversion stream. Standard grade pellets are made from non-use wood skids and other low grade woods. Animal bedding pellets are made from furniture manufacturing companies's wood byproducts and other select wood streams. The utilization of diverted wood residue streams in our wood pellets means we do not harvest any virgin wood sources directly for wood pellet creation.



High Efficiency

Wood pellets burn very efficiently due to their low moisture content and highly compressed biomass. In comparison to burning natural gas, wood pellets produce 77% lower life-cycle emissions*. 

The lower life-cycle emissions result from the difference in source material. Wood byproducts used to produce pellets have absorbed the equivalent carbon when the tree grew as compared to what is emitted by the pellets when burned. Natural gas carbon was previously captured underground and is released as new carbon when burned. 


pellet stove guage