Miscanthus and Switchgrass


To ensure future biomass supply, Gildale Farms is establishing purpose-grown biomass crops including switchgrass and miscanthus. These crops are superior for biomass production.

In addition to combustion for energy, biomass from switchgrass and miscanthus has many other innovative applications that are being developed such as inclusion in resins for extruded plastics and composite board for buildings and furniture.

Interested in growing Miscanthus on your farm? Contact us for information on rhizome supply and custom planting.




  • High Yielding, 8 to 20 tonne/hectare with very little inputs
  • Non invasive species
  • Perennial, once established crop produces an annual, sustainable harvest for 20 years or more
  • Efficient photosynthesis process efficiently converts sunlight in stored energy that is available when the plant is harvested while sequestering carbon in extensive root system.


  • Moderate yield, 8 to 12 tonne/hectare with low nutrient requirements
  • Native grass to Canada
  • Perennial grass provides stand longevity and low maintenance
  • Tolerant of a wide range of environmental conditions and soil types
  • Offers natural habitat for small animals and nesting birds, while building soil structure and sequestering carbon